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How to Use White Label PDF Report in Netpeak Spider

1. What Is a White Label Report

2. How to Enable and Configure White Label Report

3. How to Add Comments to White Label SEO Audit

1. What Is a White Label Report

White label function in Netpeak Spider is an opportunity to remove Netpeak Software branded elements from the technical SEO audit (PDF) and to add your own data: logo, contact details and comments.

Note, the opportunity to create white label reports is available for users of the Pro plan. Upgrade your subscription using this link.

White label reports will help increase brand awareness and interest potential clients at the SEO services pre-sales stage. Also, they’ll help save time / energy and earn more money for::

  • freelancers → by deepening clients’ loyalty and trust through personalized audits,
  • agency specialists → by including our reports into corresponding business processes,
  • in-house team members → as an additional value for internal reporting between departments or by hierarchy.

2. How to Enable and Configure White Label Report

To get a branded white label report, you should:

  1. Go to crawling settings → ‘White label’ section.
  2. Upload your company’s logo and fill in any contact details: your first name, last name (your middle name, if needed), email, phone number, company name, link to the website. By the way, all spaces are optional – fill them in any combination order depending on your tasks.
  3. Crawl the website.
  4. Export the report in the ‘Export’ menu → ‘Audit of the optimization quality (PDF)’. All customized spaces are displayed on the first and the last pages, as well as the header and footer of the page.

How to configure white label SEO audit

3. How to Add Comments to White Label SEO Audit

Also you can add section with custom comments. In this section you can use any content: from short txt comment to comprehensive business proposal.

To add a custom comments you should:

  1. In the white label settings, tick the checkbox ‘Enable comment section’.
  2. Key in the H1 heading in the ‘Section header (H1)’ field or leave the default ‘Comments’.
  3. In the 'Section content' field, add your HTML code.
  4. To see how code is generated in the PDF report, hit the ‘Preview’ button.

How to add comments to white label SEO audit

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