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How many devices can I connect to my account and use simultaneously?

One user can connect up to 2 personal devices to account (for example, one at work and one at home).

If you need to replace one of them, visit the ‘’ in the control panel and disconnect it. After that, open Netpeak Launcher on a new device and it will be paired with your account.

How to deactivate a device Please keep in mind that:

  • You can remove a device only once per 30 days. If you need to do it more than one time per specified period for some reason, please contact our Customer Support.

  • You can’t use more than one device on one account simultaneously. If you need to run programs on several devices at the same time, you need separate licenses for each of them.

    If your colleagues need to use Netpeak Software products, take into account that each user needs to have a separate license. 
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