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How to attract new users to get affiliate rewards?

With our affiliate program, it is as simple as it could be. Describe our product in details using your affiliate link or promo code from ‘’ section of control panel.

Users who registered with your affiliate link or activated promo code will get 25% discount for the first purchase.

Difference between affiliate link and promo code:

  • Affiliate link. User will become your referral automatically after following it. You can use references to such target pages:
    • Sign up:
    • Netpeak Spider:
    • Netpeak Checker:
  • Affiliate promo code. To get a discount, referred customer has to enter it manually while purchasing. After that, he will become your referral.

You can always use the following information to describe profit for new users:

  1. Detailed description of and available on our official website.
  2. Support and assistance of our Customer Support, if your referrals have any questions.
  3. for our users.
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