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What do issues in the sidebar mean in Netpeak Spider?

The ‘Issues‘ tab in the sidebar is one of the most important reports in the program. Here you can view the exact issues of On-Page SEO found during website crawling.

All found issues are separated into 3 groups according to their severity:

  1. Errors → highlighted with red color and require a rapid intervention. 

  2. Warnings* → highlighted with yellow color and should be fixed right after errors.

  3. Notices* → highlighted with blue color and notify you about minor issues of a website.

* Some warnings and notices can be done on purpose by your webmasters. In that case, please double-check whether they don’t harm the internal optimization of a website. If they don’t have a negative impact – ignore them.

There are the following groups placed at the bottom of the ‘Issues‘ report:

  1. Not detected → those issues which were not found during the crawling.

  2. Disabled → issues that can’t be detected because corresponding parameters were switched off.

You can see the descriptions and recommendations on how to fix issues in the ‘Issue overview + descriptions‘ report or in the ‘Information‘ panel by click on a certain issue.

Learn more about issues and how to fix them in the article ‘’.

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