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How to check domains’ purchase availability using Netpeak Checker? How to find dropped domains?

You can use the built-in WHOIS protocol connection in Netpeak Checker for solving following tasks (including search for expired domains):

  • Checking a list of domain names for purchase availability.
  • Identification a domains’ age.
  • Obtaining the expiration date of the current domain etc. 

To do this, you only need to perform 3 steps:

  1. in Netpeak Checker;
  2. Turn on WHOIS protocol parameters, which you would like to see in a report. There are following available parameters:
    • Date of domain creation.
    • Expiration date of the domain registration.
    • Purchase availability.
    • List of unique email addresses in protocol response;
    • Root domain of the target URL.
  3. Press the ‘Start‘ button. 

You can also use one of preset templates of parameters:

  • Dropped domains: basic → parameters which allow you to search for dropped domains more efficiently.

    Before checking availability of domains, we recommend you to check them by ‘IP‘ parameter which you can find in the ‘DNS‘ section. It will allow you to quite quickly get rid of engaged domains even if the number of them is greater than 1 million.

  • Dropped domains: extended → used for more detailed domains analysis. We recommend using it after checking a list of URL by a basic set of parameters.

Read also ‘‘ on our blog with a real example of using these data.

You can find more detailed information about dropped domains and how to search for them in the article ‘’.

Watch the video with step-by-step guide how to find expired domains using Netpeak Spider & Checker:

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