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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. General Questions

    1. What is Netpeak Software? What products do they develop?
    2. Who will find Netpeak Spider & Checker useful?
    3. Where can I read about you?
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  2. Creating and Managing an Account

    1. How do I start using Netpeak Software products?
    2. I have created an account using Google/Facebook but my password is incorrect, what to do?
    3. I forgot my password, what to do?
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  3. Billing and Licenses

    1. What is license? What is the difference between a license and subscription?
    2. How to buy licenses for several people, department, company?
    3. What payment methods do you have?
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  4. Affiliate Programm

    1. How to take part in your affiliate program?
    2. How much can I earn with your affiliate program?
    3. How to attract new users to get affiliate rewards?
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  5. Loyalty Program

    1. How to take part in the loyalty program?
    2. How to find out my current discount?
    3. Is loyalty discount summed with other discounts?
  6. Technical Questions

    1. Where to find out about the latest updates?
    2. How to delete programs?
    3. Installing Netpeak Software programs on macOS and Linux
  7. Netpeak Spider FAQ

    1. How to start using Netpeak Spider?
    2. What are recommended system specifications for Netpeak Spider?
    3. What SEO issues does Netpeak Spider detect?
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  8. Netpeak Checker FAQ

    1. What is Netpeak Checker purpose?
    2. How to start using Netpeak Checker?
    3. What are recommended system specifications for Netpeak Checker?
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  9. Netpeak Launcher FAQ

    1. What is Netpeak Launcher purpose?
    2. Why does Netpeak Launcher crash or freeze?
    3. Why can’t I log on to the programs?

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