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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. General Questions

    1. What is Netpeak Software? What products do they develop?
    2. Who will find Netpeak Spider & Checker useful?
    3. Where can I read about you?
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  2. Creating and Managing an Account

    1. How do I start using Netpeak Software products?
    2. I forgot my password, what to do?
    3. How to get a free trial?
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  3. Billing and Licenses

    1. What is license? What is the difference between a license and subscription?
    2. How to buy licenses for several people, department, company?
    3. What payment methods do you have?
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  4. Technical Questions

    1. How to run programs on Windows x86?
    2. Where to find out about the latest updates?
    3. How to delete programs?
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  5. Netpeak Launcher FAQ

    1. What is Netpeak Launcher purpose?
    2. Why does Netpeak Launcher crash or freeze?
    3. Why can’t I log on to the programs?

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