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Data backup in Netpeak Checker

We want you to not worry about data safety during the analysis if you have a small amount of resources on your device or if you need to leave the device unattended for a long time.

Starting from version 3.4 Netpeak Checker has a backup function.

The backup feature is available only for the users with paid subscription or during the trial period of Netpeak Checker.

How the backup works

Data is saved to a temporary project every 5 minutes from the moment the crawling starts or from the last save / attempt to save. The backup is also activated when the analysis is stopped (when you press “Pause” or when the analysis is completed).

If the program was shut down suddenly, the next time you start the program, a temporary project opens.

If several Netpeak Checker windows were opened during the sudden stop of the program, only the last created backup will be opened next time the program is started.

The temporary project name starts with the [Backup]~ prefix. For example, [Backup]~2020-08-31~www.opera.com~82585—Netpeak Checker.

Backup project name in Netpeak Checker

During the data backup process all threads are paused and the "Saving project..." preloader appears. After the successful backup the analysis resumes and the counter keeps on running.

Saving project preloader

If you close the "Saving project..." preloader the analysis continues, but backup doesn’t occur.

With every new backup, the old temporary project is deleted.

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