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How to recrawl a part of results in Netpeak Spider?

In Netpeak Spider you can recrawl an exact URL, a group of pages or a whole results table. We recommend saving a project in advance, so if any issues occur, you will still be able to use saved project.

In order to rescan necessary pages, select them and click ‘Rescan URLs’ in the context menu. Netpeak Spider will update data on parameters and links for all chosen pages.

How to rescan selected pages

Also, you can recrawl a whole current table (for example, after editing <title> tags). In order to do it, you have to click on any issue (e.g. Missing or Empty Title), then right-click on any cell and select ‘Current table’ → ‘Rescan table’.

How to how to recrawl a whole current table

You can also recrawl all received URLs (for example, after switching to HTTPS protocol): clear the ‘Initial URL’ field and click ‘Restart’ → Netpeak Spider will recrawl only pages that have already been added to the results table.

How to recrawl all received URLs

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