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What does internal PageRank in Netpeak Spider mean for me?

Internal PageRank calculation is a unique tool in Netpeak Spider for exploring internal link equity distribution within website pages. Using it, you can find out if necessary pages get enough link juice and whether non-important pages get too much of it. The calculation algorithm is based on building a connection graph and calculating the weight of its vertices and edges. This tool helps to optimize internal linking and work with improving positions of your website in SERP.

Netpeak Spider detects specific issues that prevent natural link equity distribution: 

  • PageRank: Dead End’ shows pages that get link equity from other pages but don't pass it on. 
  • PageRank: Orphan’ shows pages with no incoming links detected by this tool, thus they don’t receive link juice at all.
  • PageRank: Missing Outgoing Links’ shows pages with no outgoing links found. It usually happens when outgoing links on the page had not been crawled yet.

Tool for Internal PageRank calculation

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