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How can I limit the crawling according to the folder, depth or part of a URL in Netpeak Spider?

If you need to set a limit for the website crawling (e.g. exclude subdomains or include only one folder), you can use the following settings:

  • Checkboxes on the ‘General‘ tab:
    • Crawl only in directory – allows crawl exact website directory without leaving it.
    • Crawl all subdomains – turn this function off to consider pages from subdomains outside the host specified in ‘Initial URL‘ as external.

  • On the ‘Restrictions‘ tab you can set:
    • Max number of crawled URLs – allows limiting number of crawled pages for scanning.
    • Max crawling depth – allows determining how deep the program will crawl a website, based on the number of clicks from the initial URL to the crawled one.
    • Max URL depth – allows determining how deep the program will crawl into directories of a website, based on the number of segments in a URL.
    • Max number of redirects – this value has an influence on several parameters:
      • The number of redirects the program will follow to reach the target URL.
      • The number of redirects to determine the corresponding issue in the sidebar.

Save settings as a template

In case, if there are some questions remained after reading the article, please contact our Customer Support.

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