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How to enter URLs to analyze them with Netpeak Checker?

In order to add pages for analysis, you can choose the ‘List of URLs’ item in the main menu, where you will find several ways how to enter URLs of web pages:

  • Enter manually → a separate window with text input will be opened for you to add a list of pages. Each URL should be on a new line.
  • Paste from clipboard → the same as Ctrl+V combination to the program main table, list of URLs from clipboard will be added to the table and notification with appropriate brief summary information will appear in the bottom right corner.
  • Upload from a file → imports URLs from files with following extensions: .txt, .xlsx (Microsoft Excel), .csv (comma-separated values), .xml, .nspj (Netpeak Spider project) and .ncpj (Netpeak Checker project).
  • Download from XML sitemap → extracts a list of URLs for analysis directly from a sitemap.

How to add pages for analysis into Netpeak Checker

Additionally, there is a possibility to add pages using the Drag and Drop feature. You can simply move a list of URLs, project or any other file with extensions mentioned above from a file right to the main table: Netpeak Checker will analyze files and upload a list of pages.

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