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What’s the difference between Netpeak Spider and Netpeak Checker?

To explain the difference, let's take a deeper look at both tools:

1. Netpeak Spider is a multifunctional tool which allows crawling all pages of a website, analyze their content and linking.

Netpeak Spider is the best assistant for solving the following tasks:

  • Technical audit by 70+ SEO-parameters of each page.
  • Scraping any necessary information using a special tool.
  • Searching for more than 70+ issues and weak spots in website SEO for boosting organic traffic.
  • Quick review of website condition using the dashboard with diagrams and custom reports.
  • Internal PageRank calculation.
  • Creating and validating a sitemap (XML, Image, HTML).
  • Comprehensive analysis of a site structure.
  • Preparing for moving or website redesign.
  • Re-checking the site after fixing errors or implementing any changes.

2. Netpeak Checker is a tool for bulk analysis of URLs by 440+ parameters which allows quickly resolving the following tasks:

  • Link profile analysis of any website.
  • Сomparing a large number of URLs using any combination of parameters.
  • SERP scraping by a list of queries in different search engines.
  • Complex analysis of competitors and their marketing strategies.
  • Analysis of activity in social networks (Facebook and Pinterest).
  • Searching for relevant websites in SERP for link building.
  • Checking domain age, purchase availability, expiration date, and searching for expired (dropped) domains.
  • Quick search for successful article ideas.

Nevertheless, the tools have some similar features (e.g. some On-Page parameters). You can always try out both tools for solving your tasks. For example, step-by-step guide how to find expired domains using both Netpeak Spider & Checker is shown in the video:

After the registration, you are granted free trial access (for an unlimited period) to Netpeak Software Products to master their functionality. During your free trial, you will be able to use all features in Netpeak Spider and Netpeak Checker, but with a few constraints: only users with paid access can export reports, copy data, and save projects.

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