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Netpeak Launcher FAQ

More information about Netpeak Launcher features and problem-solving with access to products

  • What is Netpeak Launcher purpose?

    Netpeak Launcher is a program for updates of Netpeak Software products and verifying your rights of access to them. It also allows: Checking the expiration date of a license or a free trial period. In...

  • Why does Netpeak Launcher crash or freeze?

    The most common reason for crashing the program is a conflict between Netpeak Launcher and antivirus. Try closing your antivirus and launch the program again. Also, please check network settings on yo...

  • Why can’t I log on to the programs?

    If you can’t log on to Netpeak Software programs, it can be caused by one of the following reasons:  Account email and/or password were entered incorrectly in Netpeak Launcher. In that case, please, c...

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